I'm a Wrangler and Boots kinda guy. Horses and Cows, Ropes and Spurs, Hunting and Fishing, God Fearin', COUNTRY BOY! This is a blog for posting the things that I like! All things that I like may be posted on this page including submissions from REAL people! Photos of me can be found by typing "me" in the search bar below.



Why won’t anyone kik me? Do ppl even use it anymore? I just want to chat with some cool ppl. Hell have some fun and adventure ppl!

Kik: CamoCountryTN

Looking for…

I am looking for a girl or couple (b/g) to do some photo shoots with to build my portfolio. I have done engagement shoots and baby photos in the past. I’d do them again if anyone wanted to. It will be free and I’ll give you a disc of the edited photos.